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Project acronym: SensorART

Project full title: A remote controlled Sensorized ARTificial heart enabling patients empowerment and new therapy approaches

Grant agreement no.: 248763

Heart failure (HF) is the most increasing cause of death in Western Countries. For that reason, together with the difficulty of having a sufficient number of donor organs, it is recognized that the device-based therapeutic approaches will assume an increasingly important role in treating the growing number of patients with advanced heart failure, not only as bridge to transplant, but also as destination therapy, by considering also the ageing population.

SensorART will provide: innovative telemedicine services supporting patients with chronic heart failure and healthcare professionals, allowing patients to be treated at home without renouncing to accessing high medical expertise; innovative tele-control services allowing the patient and the healthcare professional to keep under control the performance of cardiovascular implanted assist devices (VAD); demonstration of effectiveness and cost effectiveness of specialized telemedicine services and the positive impact on the healthcare system reducing hospitalisation time, by considering also the higher degree of device acceptability at home by a training of the patient and his empowerment. The psychological support, evaluation and counselling before and after implantation will be strongly considered, by taking into consideration the importance of brain-heart and brain-homeostasis recover relations; circulatory modelling and simulation of cardiac and circulatory dynamics will be adapted to reconstruct the patient's status and analyse seperately the effects of heart and circulatory conditions along with the assistance conduction, through this application, novices will have the possibility to make himself familiar with VADs, while gaining in-silico experience in treating acute heart failure; analysis and exploitation of the medical device market by the development of an open, standardized interoperable system able to easily interact with the existing products.




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