Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA) is a public university for research and
advanced undergraduate and graduate education in the fields of social and experimental sciences.
The CRIM Lab (Centre for Research in Microengineering,, one of the
SSSA laboratories and research centres, was established in 1991 with the mission to perform
applied research on bio-micro-mechatronics and to promote the industrial take-up and exploitation
of the developed technologies. CR IM Lab possesses state-of-the-art micro and nanofabrication
machinery and clean room facilities, which are used for research in sensors, actuators and robotics
for biomedical applications. CRIM Lab possesses outstanding records of publications, high level
research and patents. In particular, CRIM Lab developed more than 10 international patents, and
has been or is still involved in more than 10 national projects, more than 23 projects funded by the
European Commission, 2 European Competence Centres, 3 European Networks of Excellence and
several international projects and cooperations.

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