Carlos Rosales holds, since 2003, a Computer Engineering Degree obtained at the University
Pontificia Comillas (Madrid). Since 2003, Carlos Rosales has been working in OpenSource
development projects, specially based on JAVA/J2EE technologies in different areas such as
Government, Industry and I+D. Since 2007, Carlos Rosales is in charge of the management of
OpenSource projects in Implemental Systems, and evaluating the conversion of the projects into
closed products, by redefining the functionality, modularity, architecture and risks. The potential
markets and strategies are defined by the Business Development dept. based on the information
provided. On 2006, Carlos Rosales managed a "social CRM", I+D project oriented to dependent
citizens of the city council of El Ejido.

Jose Antonio Sanchez (1979) has a degree in Computer Engineering from Pontificia Comillas
University (Madrid). His early projects were focused on mobile environments and web-based
development, mainly in logistics and industrial areas. He became an expert of Microsoft
Development Frameworks and he also took part in several projects based on open source
technologies. He has successfully managed several development projects  related to financial and
HR sectors in one of the biggest utility companies in Spain. Nowadays he is carrying out G.I.S. and
research and development projects in private and public sector

Eng. Juan Ignacio Alonso  Montull, Telecommunication Engineer from the Universidad
Politecnica de Madrid, has developed his professional career in different companies: Implemental
Systems, Retevision, Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group, AT%T Microelectronics.Juan
Ignacio has worked as PRML Product Engineer (Read Channels); FPGA and ASIC in
CMOS/BICMOS technologies; SCP and SCADA based application design for industrial process
automation; data model design for statistical process analysis; design and improvement of data
access and data handling; algorithm developing oriented to improve performance models and
diversion analysis; Information Systems Design for the improvement of the performance based on
statistical methods. Management of Massive Information Systems Design     for the early
detection of diversions in the processes (“Data Mining” y “Decision Support Systems”);Expert
System development based on Logical or Connectionist models.

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