Implemental Systems is an IT systems engineering company ex pert in developing applications that
revert in an increased operational efficiency. The company services comprise the whole cycle of life
of an Information System, from initial planning to project design, development, implantation,
operation and maintenance. Furthermore, Implemental Systems’ proved expertise in Project
Management –including activities such as Quality Control and Risk Assessment– allow for an
optimisation of development resources used in all projects undertaken, boosting the quality of
information processing and sharing within the client organization.

Implemental System is actively involved in various fields of activity, in which the company applies
its expertise to the benefit of its clients by offering complete solutions based upon kernel products,
high-level competence on enabling, innovative IT and specific know-how in a number of
application domains. The multidisciplinary team of professionals involved in IT projects both in a
national and international levels are continuously aiming to improve the products offered, in order
to provide state-of-the-art solutions in the field of Information Society.

One of the main expertises of the company is found in the Health Sector, in which Implemental
Systems has long and proved experience. The team has been long offering high quality services
related to Hospital Information Systems, Telemedicine and Technologies applied to health care.
Implemental Systems uses the most advanced tools available for its implementation in healthcare
systems -making use of technologies such as CB Television, Mobile Phone applications, LMDS,
WiFi, PLC, etc.–, in order to deliver the best solutions to the needs of the client. The technical
capabilities of the people involved give also the opportunity to participate along the global
development process of a health-related project, including tasks such as planning, discussion,
prototyping, electronic implementation, etc…

Implemental Systems’ experience includes the assessment and evaluation of different interfaces
solutions developed in the frame of health applications for the elderly. Implemental Systems’ vision
consists in exploiting the opportunities offered by new technologies in order to ensure the optimum
level of competitiveness achievable, increasing the quality of work at a minimum cost. Implemental
Systems is one of the pioneering companies in Spain to leverage on software best practices and
engineering method in order to improve the quality of the software and of the services provided to
its clients. A continuous monitoring of the technologies and of their evolution, a tight relationship
with the academic world, through co-operation agreements with leading national and European
universities, and its focussing on R &D investment contribute to maintain Implemental Systems at
the leading edge.

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