CircuLite has been founded in 2004 as a spin off from the Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical
Engineering, Aachen University for Technology.

CircuLite develops a pocket circulatory support system. The system consists of an implantable
blood pump, the attachment system as inflow cannula and outflow graft and an external wearable
power and control system. The current system design of the CircuLite micro-pump is that off a
partial support device, able to pump up to 3 Liters/minute of blood supplementing the patients’s
native cardiac output. The premise of the CircuLite design is to allow for a superficial placement of
the micro-pump via a minimally invasive procedure that does not require a sternotomy or
cardiopulmonary bypass, utilizing the smaller design.

The micro-pump is ideally designed to offer a new treatment option for earlier stage heart failure
patients, a group of patients currently not served by assist devices due to highly invasive implant
procedure. CircuLite is expecting the CE mark being awarded for its Circulatory support system in
Summer 09 and plans on commercialisation by the end of 09.

As a second generation of the support system, a sensorized system development is anticipated. The
aim is to better match the system performance to the physiologic need of the patients and to provide
valuable information to the physician.

The leading engineering staff of CircuLite has on average about 15 years experience in
development of circulatory support systems. In the scientific carrier the staff has been actively
involved in the development of a sensorized system for augmenting local organ perfusion. CircuLite
staff provides expertise in biomedical, mechanical and electrical engineering. Manufacturing
process optimisation, quality assurance as well as regulatory expertise represents the operational
skills. Mechanical support device design as well as CFD and PIV skills, control and power system
as well as human interface design belong to the core competence of CircuLite’s development team.

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