Nurali Unal: Business Development and Technical coordinator, he was re-employed by Datasel
since the last year. He is graduated from K r kkale University Department of Computer
programming (1996) and Anadolu University Department of Economics (2004). He is working in
the health sector since 1996. He is experienced in Hospital Information System, telemedicine and
decision support systems. He worked also as a technical group leader for the national DRG
(Diagnostic Related Groups) project of Turkey and involved in many other public projects as MoH
Managing the national Drug Database and drug licensing. He has a high ex perience in application
development using C, C++, Java, Microsoft C #, .Net, SharePoint and Oracle development tools, as
well as in Microsoft and Oracle Database Administrations. In SensorART, he will coordinate the
development process in the tasks where Datasel is involved.

Ugur Esmer: R&D Group leader, working in Datasel since 1998. He has experience in object
oriented analysis and design. He is responsible for analysis, design and managing J2EE projects. He
is well skilled in UML, Java, J2EE, C#, Database management. He is familiar with modeling tools
like Rational Rose and Enterprise Architect, development tools like JDeveloper and Eclipse, R DMS
like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL. In addition he is experienced in developing rule-based workflow
systems. He has experience in public and health sector. He was involved in large scale projects as a
senior analyst and as well as a team manager. In this area, one of the major contributions is the
implementation of Minimum Electronic Health Record (Min-EHR) Hospital integration application.
In SensorART he will be involved in the implementation of the Decision Support system.

Gokay GOK – Database expert, working in Datasel in the last 8 years; he is a holder of BSc in
Mathematics from Istanbul Technical University, Mathematics Engineering Faculty, 2002. He has a
broad experience and knowledge in the analysis, design and implementation of large scale Database
Management Systems for complex requirements. Moreover, he is a specialist in developing
applications on C, C++, Java and Oracle development tools. He has accumulated significant
consultancy and supervision knowledge and experience in the management of Hospital
Management Systems and other public projects, contract administration, project management as
well as team management are amongst his other capabilities and qualifications. In SensorART,
he will be involved in the development of the system repositories and the corresponding data access

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