Velti in SensorART will lead the system integration activities in WP10. In the task 10.3, building
an Application Programming Interface (API) for linking the heterogeneous wireless sensors under a
common platform and for permitting new sensors to be included in the system. Velti, based on its
expertise gained from the development of custom communication services between different
devices, will provide an interoperable solution of middleware that will allow data integration
between heterogeneous sensor-based sources by using standard communication protocols.
Velti, as an expert in mobile programming, will lead task 7.1, the programming of the PDA device
ofSensorART with the patient’s monitoring application. The interfaces of this application (Velti
also specializes in the creation of interactive, advanced portable device user interfaces) will present
the integrated sensor data to the patient.

Finally, Velti will contribute in the development of the system’s communication modules (in task
7.3) by using the know-how obtained in wireless communication API programming via the various
participations of the company in national and EU R&D projects.

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