Velti is a leading platform and service provider enabling mobile marketing and advertising, mobile
device programming and value-added services for several types of customers including advertising
agencies, media groups, mobile operators and large enterprises. Velti is operating in 25 countries
with 250 employees more than half of whom are software engineers. Its clientele includes leading
mobile network operators, brands and advertising agencies, media groups, large enterprises and
financial services organizations. Its solution portfolio includes Mobile Marketing and Advertising,
Mobile Value-Added Services, Mobile application and interface programming, Content
Management System implementation, Enterprise Portals, Business Process Management, Document
Management and Business Intelligence. Velti is also specializing in the development of custom
communication services based on standard communication protocols (Bluetooth, MMSC
connectivity, WAP integration via SMPP, SMPP, CIMD/CIMD2, ParlayX, HTTP Custom),
building interoperable solutions between different handheld, portable devices.

Velti is currently leading system integration and demonstration activities in the ICT EFIPSANS, a
large EU project in autonomic networking and participates in other domestic and International
projects as well. Apart from R&D, it is already serving commercial customers in several countries
including leading mobile network operators, advertising agencies and media groups. It delivers a
rich background experience in developing mobile device applications, system specifications and
integration in converged environments. The R&D department of Velti has also participated in a
research project for ambient assisted living funded by the Greek Ministry of Development, where
real-time data collection and integration from smart mobile devices was needed.

Currently, Velti participates in the FP7 EU-funded project CHRONIOUS, where the R&D department
the company implements solutions (in. NET) for clinicians to schedule and monitor their patients’ conditions
and for patients to have an integrated decision support solution in a mobile environment.

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