INTRAROM, in SensorART will be active in the design and development of the specialist
monitoring application (task 7.2) and of the communication protocol between the specialists and the
research database (task 8.2). Being a leader in the provision of communication services at network
and application layers, INTRAROM will build the appropriate interfaces to ensure smooth and
secure communication between different components ofSensorART system.

In WP9, INTRAROM will be assigned with the role of designing and developing the appropriate,
data-driven interfaces in the monitoring components of the system. INTRAROM will use its
expertise obtained from its participation in numerous user-oriented projects to provide the
methodology to create an easy-to-use final system. Holding high knowledge in application quality
and usability control, INTRAROM will offer this knowledge toSensorART to draw the
deployment guidelines in the end user sites as well as the training material to use the services of the
final system.

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