Established in 1993, INTRAROM engineers Products, provides Services
and undertakes complex, large-scale integrated Technology projects
across various sectors, such as: Telecommunications, e-government,
Public Administration, R&D, Banking & Finance and Defense.

INTRAROM S.A. as a Systems Integration company provides Information
Technology and telecommunications (IT&T) solutions and has a leading
position in the Romanian IT&T industry, offering products, turn-key
solutions and technical assistance in the following fields:

  • IT&T Consulting;
  • IT&T Research and Development;
  • Fixed and mobile telecommunication networks;
  • IT&T management systems for telecommunication systems;
  • Software development;
  • Integrated IT&T enterprise solutions;
  • Integrated lottery systems;
  • IT&T professional services provider;
  • IT&T outsourcing services provider.

INTRAROM brings extensive Process Design, Project Management,
Application, and Technical experience to every engagement, to help
organizations make the right match between systems, people, procedures
and their business needs. At the same time, defines the best
strategies to address Business Re-engineering issues and to build
solutions that lower costs, improve service levels and enhance the
quality of IT infrastructure across its customer organizations.

Over the Years,  INTRAROM has implemented many large scale, high
visibility, complex National & International IT&T projects and hosts
an innovative and forward thinking R&D lab . Detailed information on
our Project Portfolio can be obtained on demand. More information
about the company is available on

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