Werner Heinze, Dipl. Ing.The company founder and CEO of the em-tec GmbH, Mr. Werner Heinze has more than 30 years of professional experience in medical technology.After studying electrical and medical engineering in Munich, Germany, Mr. Heinze gained his professional work experience in various medical device companies, most recently as head of R&D at the company Stöckert Instruments (now Sorin), the market leader in heart-lung machines. In this position, Mr. Heinze was responsible for the development of two generations of Heart-Lung Machines. After the founding of the em-tec GmbH in 1988 Mr. Heinze dealt with the development of systems and sensors for extracorporeal and intracorporeal circulation (CPB, ECMO) and for VAD control systems (see see company profile). Mr. Heinze published several patents, especially in the field of Heart-Lung Machines and sensors.

Franz Feiner, Ph.D. is a physicist with more than 20 years of work experience in hard- and software development. His fields of activity are medical devices, sensor technology, optical setups and electronics as well as patent research and web programming. He also performs simulations, conducts feasibility studies and works as project manager. Having been with various institutions and companies he has a good working knowledge ranging from radioactivity detection through EM field tissue interactions to blood flow measurement and inhalers as well as from physiological software and medical simulators to ultrasound applications and laser interferometers. Mr. Feiner earned his Ph.D. with a thesis on frequency doubling in organic molecules at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany.


Stefan Esterl, Ph.D. Dr. Stefan Esterl has 15 years of experience with biotechnological sensor and control systems. Before joining em-tec in 2007 he was the head of research and development at Gimbio mbH, a company focused on the development of measurement and control solutions for processes like filtration, fermentation, tissue engineering or biogas production. At em-tec he is project and clinical support manager with a focus on the scientific supervision of the blood flow division, the leading of research projects, regulatory issues in the field of sterilization and biocompatibility and the collaboration with hospitals during the introduction phase of new em-tec products. Dr. Esterl holds an engineering degree in biotechnology and food engineering and has completed his Ph.D. thesis in the field of computational fluid mechanics at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.


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